Ernst Leitz Labs Reveals Upcoming LeitzLooks

November 30, 2021
Ernst Leitz Labs Reveals Upcoming LeitzLooks

Ernst Leitz Labs Reveals Upcoming LeitzLooks

Following the introduction of Leitz Phone 1 in Japan,  featuring the flagship LeitzLooks™ “Monochrome”, based on the Leica M10 Monochrom, Ernst Leitz Labs is now introducing three more LeitzLooks™ available in 2022.

Seattle, 30 November 2021. In 2021 Ernst Leitz Labs, a company of the Leica Camera Group, introduced the LeitzEngine™: innovative imaging software that combines the tradition of Leica precision optics with the insight of cutting-edge AI. 

The LeitzEngine™ drives a library of unique Software Defined Lenses - the LeitzLooks™. Unlike a filter, the LeitzLooks™ harness real world physics based on heritage Leica lenses in a live 3D environment. Introduced exclusively to the Japanese market for Leitz Phone 1 – Leica Camera AG’s first smartphone - the results are groundbreaking computational bokeh, color correction, edge refinement and realistic noise reduction.

Next to its iconic design, the Leitz Phone 1 features the Snapdragon® 888 5G Mobile Platform as well as a 1-inch image sensor. Every picture taken with the Leitz Phone 1 reflects the essence of uncompromising Leica quality, unparalleled optical capability, and image software expertise. 

In addition to the flagship “Monochrome”, three additional LeitzLooks™ will be available in 2022: “Street”, “Vantage” and the breathtaking “Noctilux”. 

During Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. 2021 Snapdragon Tech Summit, Ernst Leitz Labs announced their commitment to bringing the LeitzEngineTM and the LeitzLooksTM mode to future Snapdragon mobile platforms, fully utilizing the performance of future generation Qualcomm® AI Engines and Qualcomm Spectra™ ISP. 

“With our firmware update in the upcoming year, the power of the Snapdragon 888, the 6th Generation of the Qualcomm AI Engine, and the extraordinary 1-inch image sensor, the Leitz Phone 1 will be the first offering in what we hope will be a long collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies.” explained Jane Cui, Founder of Ernst Leitz Labs.

“Equipping Snapdragon 8 mobile platforms with LeitzLooksTM will empower every Snapdragon 8-series powered device user to be a professional quality photographer.” said Manvinder (Manny) Singh, Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are pleased to collaborate with Leica and its Ernst Leitz Labs to tap into the unparalleled power of the Qualcomm Spectra and Qualcomm AI Engine, and are optimistic consumers will benefit from our collective efforts.”

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